Boot Necklace
We see the riskbut still go forwardbecause even if we are notwe are always lucky.- This is the journey of a cowboy -  
Butterfly Effect Ring
Butterfly Effect ring, set yourself free as a butterfly. Handcraft it in Spain, in our little workshop. Available in all sizes.  TwoJeys X
Innocence Necklace
  TWOJEYS X MANU RIOS  Have you ever noticed that falling feels like flying? All good things come to an end. So if you’re going to fall, fall hard.Love me, love me not.
Mad Max Ring
An everyday ring with the TwoJeys iconic craft, for everyone. A perfect piece to make a set, simple, unique & special. Be proud when wearing it. 
Chain Ring
Half chain, half metal. In TwoJeys we make out of even the simple peaces a unique one. A must have in your set. Perfect to combine with Mad Max and any other piece. Made to last.
Broken Heart Ring
Seen in Silver & Gold, the Broken heart is an expression of a meaningful feeling and big emotions. As all our pieces its been hand detailed to give you the TJ unique design. For Him & For Her. 
Organic Sun Ring
Our jewelry is something we always wear.The detail that changes the whole look.Is the first thing we put on in the morningor even sleep with.So we say that during summerwe only wear jewelry.And everything else isjust the complement to yournever-changing jewelry.
Innocence Bracelet
TWOJEYS X MANU RIOS Have you ever noticed that falling feels like flying? For just one moment you have wings.Falling in love makes you feel like you have the world in the palm of your hand. It will make you feel filthy...
Only 4 available
Moonlight Necklace
Moonlight necklace it’s a way to represent that there’s always light even in darkness. Even if things get tough, work hard & make good things happen. It's all about ambition, desire & passion. 
Midnight Ring
The sun & the moon - completely opposites as the day & the night, the light & the dark.Personify man and woman, symbolizing strength, power, calm & stability.This ring is handcrafted and designed one by one.
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